by admin | 15-05-2017 | Creative Writing

Letter writing with a twist

I asked my students to write a letter with the words we drew up on the board. They came up with some fun, cool and down right hilarious writing.

Every Mentos packet                                                                Date- 5/1/16

Every shop

Every city


Every Coke bottle

Every shop

Every city

Dear Pepsi,

I am writing this letter with great difficulty considering I`m round and smaller than a pen; just so you can know how much your rejection has hurt me. I do not know what your definition of love is, but the two small baby tic tacs I have with me crying at night for their papa is proof that you and I had something special. I was ready to hear all of your complaints and was even ready to appreciate the fizz you have when I open you up, but your hate is something I can’t account for. What happened? Did you not like the bubbles that form when I mixed in you or is it just that you found some hot young eclairs that has more chocolate in her? You should know that the sales manager of one of the shops has asked me out and if you do not come back soon, I’ll forget the sweetness of your taste and there will be war.

Yours sincerely,
Mentos, waiting for closure.

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