Shake Hands Like a Boss

100 milliseconds is all we need to form judgments of others on a spectrum including likeability, trustworthiness, competence, and aggressiveness. What trumps any sort of predictability statistics is the human ability to intuitively form first impressions of others, and we are generally accurate and the results reliable. Everything after is a simple affirmation of what […]

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“I’ve had a Sign Over My Typewriter For Over 25 Years Now: Don’t Think!”

This August will mark Ray Bradbury’s 99th birthday. A year closer to marking 100 years of the greatest sci-fi writer in history, who (by no small coincidence) also happened to know a thing or two about writing.Ray Bradbury &nbsploved writing. He took intense pleasure in it, and it shows on every page. This is, of course, not possible for everyone, but still, I find it to be a lovely antidote to all the hand-wringing and hair-tearing and sit-at-the-typwriter-and-bleeding contemporary writers seem to do (or claim to do, online or otherwise) these days.

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Letter writing with a twist

I am writing this letter with great difficulty considering I`m round and smaller than a pen; just so you can know how much your rejection has hurt me. I do not know what your definition of love is, but the two small baby tic tacs I have with me crying at night for their papa is proof that you and I had something special. I was ready to hear all of your complaints and was even ready to appreciate the fizz you have when I open you up, but your hate is something I can’t account for. What happened? Did you not like the bubbles that form when I mixed in you…

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Honestly saying…

For the past 6 months I have had the wonderful pleasure of getting to know you. From meeting for the first time in our Additional English class to now, I have to admit, it’s been a great journey. I know for a fact that you will never back down from the fact that Nehru stood against reservation in parliament and that you will continue to be the lady’s man that you are.

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