My name is Sharoon Sunny.

I am an English teacher. As a teacher, you realise over time how language transforms people’s lives. You also see the many challenges learners both young and old face in their ability or inability to communicate with the world.

Started in 2012, A Better Word came about to meet a growing need to help students master the skill of writing. A Better Word has helped hundreds of students embrace writing for life. The simple truth is that one shoe doesn’t fit all. Hence it is pertinent to know and understand what a particular person’s writing style is, and then find ways to build on that skill.

With degrees in M.A. English Literature, M.A. Humanities and Doctoral Research in creativity and creative writing, I have over the years understood the varied ways in which learners interact with writing. We write in different ways and for different purposes. As a teacher and researcher, I understand what “your” way is. Reach out to me if you would like to learn more about writing and the long-term benefits it has for our lives.

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