Great communicators inspire people!

They create a connection that is real, emotional, and personal by understanding people and speaking directly to their needs in a manner that they are ready to hear. Great communicators are excellent story tellers, too. They work at it relentlessly. They do it over a conversation, through a presentation, over written materials, and just about anywhere they need to get a message across.

At A Better Word, nurturing and building storytellers who are effective communicators is the goal. Participants from across age groups–corporate leaders to grade school learners, who participate in the workshops leave with an understanding about how to harness the power of a story. Here, they learn how practice, persistent effort and attention leads to building powerful relationships. 

I teach you the rules of the game to build the essential pillars of good storytelling.

As a creativity researcher, the goal is always to help people unlock the creative potential that is latent within them. The workshops focus on the idea of simplicity. For that to happen, we need to step away from complexities, over description and state things as we see them.

Here’s where language comes into play–without sounding contrived or trite, we find words that express what we want to share.

The singular, trans-generational reward of trying to work through ideas tangled inside the rubbery, pliable mind is one of connection–connection to the self. I suppose there is a certain jubilation to be had in that discovery, however small it may be.

The light at the end of the tunnel is the ability to articulate ‘precisely’ what you intend to say. Not a word less. Not a word more. A word that is precise.

Precision requires sharpness, repeatability, accuracy and so on. For that to materialize, trusted friends of time, commitment and practice play a significant role. Hence it is pertinent that one finds the time to marry all three without discord.

Whether you are a student at school, a junior executive at work, or someone who wants to communicate better, A Better Word is here to help. Knowing what you want to say is empowering. A Better Word will take you a long way.

What people are saying

You are a wonderful teacher. You are kind and gentle with the kids. When Anish started, I thought he would drop in the middle of sessions. You have not only improved his reading and writing skills also helped him keep up his interests. He has learnt many writing techniques and loves writing now.Thank you for everything.

Jyothi Palvai, Greenwood High

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