Let’s face it: Writing is hard work! Nobody wants to write if given a chance. Yet it is the way the world communicates. Hence it is important to know how to write, and write well because it will help your problem solving, critical thinking and decision making abilities.

A Better Word helps writing-inclined students build the skills necessary to become successful communicators at school, college, and the workplace. Research-based training and assessments help you level-up and get better with your English language and communication skills.

Whether you are a student at school, a junior executive at work, or someone who wants to write better, A Better is here to help. Knowing what you want to say is empowering. A Better Word will take you a long way. Always!

What people are saying

Your classes have been a great help to my child and especially to us, parents. The reflection exercises have helped her to constructively put down her thoughts. Through her reflections we have a better understanding of her thought process and the emotions she goes through. This has been a wonderful experience and a great help for us.

Her book reviews took us by surprise. It made us realize how well she understood the complex plots and the philosophy behind the story.

Sree Kumar, Headstart

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